Sinclair Design has the expertise, talent and network of associates to support your project during each phase of development.

In the initial Blue Sky Concept phase the Sinclair team can rapidly bring a project to life with beautiful color concept art, storyboards, plans, and sketches, as well as story treatments. We then use the art and the ideas to create a compelling, easily understood vision of your project. This presentation can be used to generate investor interest as well as being the basis for initial feasibility and budget estimates.

In the Concept Determination phase we further define both the story and aesthetics. We also begin to apply schedule, budget, and operational parameters. This early phase is useful in confirming the concept prior to the all out design effort.

Concept Design is the phase in which specific design begins to evolve. Written story lines and scope documents are supported with additional drawings and artwork. We often do maquettes and massing models at this point. The final goal is to produce a complete concept package that can be used to solicit bids from construction vendors.

In the Design Development and Production phase we typically do a hand-off to the selected production vendor. At this point Sinclair Design becomes an agent for the client to insure that the project intent is fully realized. We review production drawings, art direct in the shop and field, and produce any additional specialty production designs required such as mural elevations, or sculptural maquettes.

After opening in the Post Production phase Sinclair Design will continue to support your project by serving your marketing art needs as well as helping to add to and refresh your existing program in the future.